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Senior Stylist



Howard began his training at Cutler Salon in 2011, where he met his first mentor, Eric Hauk. During this time, his understanding of both his clients and his craft grew immensely, and he continued to work as a freelance fashion photographer on the side.


In 2014, Howard left New York for new opportunities in Miami, where he trained under Sassoon-educated hair stylist David K and really began to master his precision cutting skills.


Later, he joined the team at IGK Miami - working closely with both Frank and Leo Izquierdo. 


Howard returned to New York in 2016 and resumed his position at IGK’s NYC location, continuing to work and develop his fine art skills in his spare time.


He then joined the team at Suite Caroline Salon in 2022 as a Senior Stylist, where he continued to expand upon his experience with editorial works and celebrity clientele.


Howard’s extensive knowledge of both the hair and art world has allowed for him to combine the two in practice: approaching his work with hair in the same way that he might approach his artwork and believing that both avenues should warrant a one of a kind, thoughtful, and tailored experience for each client.


haircut: $250

blowout: $125

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