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Single Process

This service is for redheads, brunettes, and medium-dark blondes. It is a popular service to cover grays. Applied on roots and finished with a gloss


$175 - $325


Double Process

Double Process is used when lightening hair by more than two shades. First, the hair is bleached to remove natural or colored hair pigments. Then, pigment is added into the bleached or lightened hair to create the desired shade. 

*price available upon request


Single and Highlight

A single and highlight will create a new base color and add highlights. 

$300 - $650



Snip snip.

$150 - $300


Full Highlight

Hair painting balayage technique is used to lighten the entire head and add dimension to blondes, brunettes, and redheads. This service includes a gloss and is recommended if you’re looking for a major blonde haul.

$350 - $650


Partial Highlight

Hair painting balayage technique used along the perimeter and throughout the top half of the head to add dimension and brightness on blondes, brunettes, and redheads. Partials are recommended in between Full Highlights.

$250 - $550


Mini Highlight

Mini highlights are used for touch-ups or adding just a few highlights to preexisting ones. 

$175 - $325

*only available for existing highlight customers



A gloss is a semi-permanent color used to enhance, enrich, change, match, tone down or intensify natural or color-treated hair while harmonizing contrast.

Glosses are included with all other color services!

$125 - $250


Tint Back

A tint-back process is necessary when the hair is being colored three or more levels darker or when the pre-lightened hair requires a filler to correct an unwanted blue or violet muddy tone.

$200 - $300


Base Bump

A base bump is an addition to your usual highlight retouch. It is when a stylist applies an all-over base color at your roots in addition to your highlights. It is similar to a root smudge, but with a lighter color instead of a darker tone.

$150 - $300



Our extensions are attached with a Keratin bond that is cut into custom sizes appropriate for each client's hair density. The extensions are made with real human hair and come in a few different textures to match each client’s hair pattern.

$500 non refundable deposit, extensions are $500 - $3000

*consultation required

*see policy page for FAQ


Blow Out

Shampoo and blow out. Does not need to be scheduled separately from other services, they are included.

$100 - $200



A soft smoothing treatment that takes away 100% of frizz and up to 90% of curl pattern. Your hair will still be wavy, but also smooth and shiny. Best for anyone who deals with frizz and wants to embrace shape and pattern.
Lasts up to 4 months 


*50% deposit required

*see policy page for FAQ

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